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Option 1 - International SMS

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You can send posts from your mobile phone to update your Twitter account from anywhere by using SMS. To use SMS-based service, first you have to add your phone number to Twitter in your 'device setting' page once you have logged in, and you will see a verification code. Next: SMS the code to +44 762 480142. If you refresh the page and your code is gone, your phone is verified.

In Cambodia, you'll be able to send but not receive updates from Twitter. Since it is international SMS, you will be charged accordingly for each post.

Option 2 - Twitter Clients

Instead of the high cost of international SMS, you can use a Twitter 'Client' for your mobile phone. This uses a local internet connection to send updates. With a Twitter client you will be able to post and receive updates, and enjoy more features than SMS based updating.

You will need to install a Twitter client application on your mobile phone. Not all phones can install a Twitter app, only Java-enabled cell phones. You may want to check with your local phone shop about what your personal phone can do

Option 3 - Twitter Clients Advanced

If you are a Twitter-a-holic, you may want to try a desktop app, such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

The list of customized applications is growing fast!

Check our Apps page and Blog as we explore what's new!

Option 4 - Mobile Web Browser

If SMS-based updating and Twitter clients are not to your taste, you can post and receive updates with your web browser on your mobile. It minimizes the feature for mobile phone users and works similar to Twitter on computer and the Twitter clients. To post or receive your update your Twitter account, open the web browser on your phone and go to ‘’ It will cost more if you enable images to load in the web pages, we advise you disable images or switch to ‘text-only’ view.